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Information on admission requirements, admission conditions, examination regulations and subject combinations

Admission requirements and admission conditions

The basic admission requirement is a successfully completed BA degree in which a foreign language is combined with a non-language subject. In addition, the following three admission requirements apply to this Master's degree program:

  1. The mandatory three-month stay abroad in accordance with the LABG 2009 must have already been completed.
  2. A basic education in subject didactics must have been demonstrated in each of the subjects to the extent of at least 5 CP each. If necessary, these 5 CP can be made up at the beginning of the Master's degree course.

Detailed information on the admission requirements can be found on the website of the School of Education.

Examination regulations and subject combinations

The examination regulations have been published and can be downloaded as a PDF.

Central Examinations Office

Master of Education: Teaching degree for grammar schools, comprehensive schools and vocational colleges - Bilingual teaching

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Students must complete their practical semester in the Master of Education Bilingual Teaching at a selected cooperation school with a bilingual program.

The final thesis, which must be completed during the course of study and in which an academic problem relevant to bilingual teaching is to be worked on independently in terms of content and methodology, can be completed in any of the three sub-degree programs. Organizational responsibility is assigned to the examination board responsible for the respective sub-degree course.

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